Base Gel CLASSIC - Clear

Base Gel CLASSIC - Clear

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Classic Base is a universal base coat designed for professional use. Due to its medium thick consistency, the product is evenly distributed and easily leveled. Create a smooth and even surface without weight in just a couple of strokes! The flat and resilient brush makes application easy and pleasant - no bumps or streaks.

Apply with a brush on the nail in 1 layer and cure in UV/LED lamp for 60 sec. You will certainly appreciate the soft formula and the absence of a strong smell. Due to the low degree of acidity, Classic Base is compatible with any type of nail, including weak, thin, and soft.

The base is recommended for all types of nail plate.The thermal effect is minimized when the base is cured, so it is great for sensitive hands


  • Reconstruction of damaged and brittle nails, strengthening weak and soft nails.
  • Minimal heat.

  • Has no unpleasant smell.

  • Long wear without chips or cracks.

  • Suitable for sensitive clients.

  • Gentle composition.

  • Medium consistency.

  • Medium hardness.

  • Cure in hybrid UV/LED lamp at least 46 watts to get the best results.